Emirates Glass has been purchasing Cyndan's Vitroglaze for more than 3 years to apply to our glass before it is sold to the construction companies who use it to build residential and office towers and shopping centres.

We also have a team that applies Vitroglaze to existing buildings where customers would like their buildings coated to protect against sand and salt. This makes keeping the building glass clean very simple and gives Emirates Glass an added benefit when promoting our glass to customers.

We did not face any problems with Vitroglaze when applied per instructions and we strongly recommend it to other glass manufacturers because of the benefits it gives to the customers.

Ziad Yazbeck
SVP Sales & Marketing

Emirates Glass LLC

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In November 2011, we purchased some Cyndan Heat Shield on the recommendation that it would seal the roof of a leaking portable classroom.

To date it has lived up to the claims, with no leaks occurring post application, with the added bonus of staff commenting that the portable classroom, is very much cooler than others on the campus.

CR Laurence Australia is an extremely reputable manufacturer of high end architectural products for the glass & metal industries in Australia. The final finish of our installed products in conjunction with ongoing maintenance for our customers is critical to our success. We researched extensively into products that would not only value add to our range of hardware but also provide longevity to the aesthetics of both hardware and the glass itself.

We found Cyndan a complete solution for our business with products like Vitroglaze and Stainless Steel Sentry. These products enable our reputation to be upheld for the life of the product after installation.

Thank-you Andrew for your excellent service and knowledge sharing enabling us to compete with an edge in our extremely competitive industry. I thoroughly recommend the use of Vitroglaze on all newly installed glass and Stainless Steel Sentry for all our metal hardware, whether it be stainless, brass or other precious metals. Our customers love your products and most of all it helps us to maintain excellence after our hardware is installed.

Nathan Ungaro
Service Centre Manager

CR Laurence Australia Pty Ltd

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This is a quick thank you for introducing our company to your range of chemicals and coatings.
One of the best products we have come across for our operation is the thermal protective coating – Heat Shield. We use this product to provide an insulation coating to motor homes and camper vans upon request.

Our initial testing found that this product adheres to every surface we work on, with very little surface preparation. Previous products required us to fully etch the surface, apply two coats of the Heat resistant coating, then an over coat sealant to water proof the vehicle. In using Cyndans Heat Shield, we merely clean the surface, apply two coats, and the job is done – water proofing and all. This saves us countless hours in labour, with the end result showing a much more resilient and cooler surface for our customers who venture out into some of the harshest weather conditions, Australia has to offer.

We also use the following Cyndan products: U Beaut – Safety degreaser, Durafilm, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Econo 1101 Tyre Gloss and Non PCDB blocks, and have no hesitation in recommending their use to anyone.

Peter Karlik
Workshop Manager

Roadtrek Body Works

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We were introduced to Cyndan Chemicals in 1999 and found their cleaning and polishing products to be the best we'd seen. We continue to use them on new products and in our maintenance programs for private clients through to commercial developments, Council landmarks, etc. With the assistance of Cyndan's Janene Fuchs our staff have the knowledge to use the products appropriately and safely.

Cyndan Stainless Steel Cleaner has been formulated to effectively clean stainless using a combination of phosphoric acid and ammonium biflouride, providing thorough and deep cleansing of not only grime, mineral salts, leaching, oxidation and other stains, but most importantly Tea Staining. Once the cleaner is neutralised the next step is to apply Cyndan Stainless Steel Sentry - a protective coating that keeps stainless looking great for months, even in harsh coastal environments. It also helps to prevent future soiling by the creation of a water repellant film which reduces corrosive buildup of salts, etc.

As a company we've found Cyndan's products and processes to be time effective, manageable and safe to use, while providing longevity to the appearance and structure of stainless steel. We have no hesitation in recommending Cyndan products, and are pleased to be associated with another company who takes their work as seriously as we do.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the results of the Anti-Slip Treatment that was applied to our gym floor. I have also had great feedback from staff advising they are really happy with the grip on the tiles now and they have commented on how the appearance of the tile has in no way been affected by the treatment.

Kate McEntee
OHS and Workers Compensation Manager

Accor's Darling Harbour Hotels

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After considering many sealers on the market we decided to use "Cyndan Micro-Inviso Shield" due to its unique qualities. These include: low toxicity, water proof properties, no surface discolouration, simple application and long life performance.

On application we were most impressed with its water repellant properties and the fact that it did not alter the appearance of the sealed area. We were very happy with the results and would recommend "Cyndan Micro-Inviso Shield" to anyone in similar circumstances.

Joseph Bagnara
Training Supervisor

Civil Skills Centre

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When we were introduced to Cyndan (...), we found a company with products that not only work, but are also willing to find the right product for each application. We were so impressed that we have taken on a lot of your products and using them in our maintenance program and we will be marketing this program extensively.

We are looking forward to a long and beneficial working relationship together.

Cyndan's "Clean n Guard" is a valuable part of all our technician's tool kit. In our workshop and out in the field our technician's carry and use Cyndan's "Clean n Guard" to clean and protect glass panels in our photocopiers. The anti static properties of "Clean n Guard" are very useful in a photocopier to keep the pages from sticking together from static electricity. With Clean n Guard's microscopic protective film it helps to repel finger prints, dirt and smudges on the glass panels which can cause unwanted marks and lines on copies. These properties are the main reasons we use Cyndan's "Clean n Guard" everyday.

Cyndan's "Cleans All" is our most valuable cleaning agent we use to date. In our workshop we often have the need to clean plastic photocopier covers which have been in very harsh environments of coal dust and dirt. With one application of a diluted "Cleans All" solution we simply spray on the plastic covers leave for 10 seconds then wipe off the dust and dirty. We have tried other more toxic cleaning agents and we have found that Cyndan's "Cleans All" does much better job with no fuss and non of the hazards which come with some cleaning agents.

Nathan Kluver
Office Equipment Service Manager

NQBE Mackay

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This is to confirm that we have started using Cyndan's product Silacoat. This product is used to assist in lubrication when cutting aluminium. After using this product we have found that it has saved us both time and blade wear and tear, and would recommend its use to anyone within the caravan industry.

Since using Cyndan Foaming Sanitiser our labour has reduced significantly to about 25 mins, (makes for happy staff) since the product cleans very well and we do not need to scrub everything, also this one chemical does both the cleaning and the sanitising.

Our chemical costs, handling and drum disposal has reduced significantly from using 1x25lt drum per week down to approx 1x25lt drum per 5-6 weeks. We are happy to recommend Cyndan.

As requested I am happy to comment on the use of Cyndan Micro Inviso Shield on the Port Macquarie Hastings Councils public paved areas.

We commenceda trial of the product in August of 2001. Since then we have been so pleased with the results that we have progressively purchased and applied the product (...)

The reduction in the cleaning of these surfaces is excellent. I must add, however, that the ability of the Micro Inviso Shield to repel chewing gum on the pebble crete is not as effective as the other surfaces, however the overall result is what we were expecting, and we are very happy with the outcome.

Steve Robb
Waste Management Supervisor

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

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(...) The 25 councils we service in New Zealand are responsible for public areas that have concrete or clay paver surfaces. These areas are constantly exposed to all sorts of stains, grime and chewing gum. After an application of your Masonry Sealer or Micro Inviso Shield products we are able to reduce their on going cost of cleaning maintenance because the surface is easier to clean, particularly awe-inspiring is the easy removal of chewing gum.

We have been able to reduce cleaning time by up to 70% in some cases and the councils are in disbelief when we invoice them, as their COM (cost of maintenance) comes down. Consequently, council(s) promote us and seek our solutions for other cleaning and maintenance tasks. We have recently introduced your Glass Guard product and the reduction in cost of maintenance is also providing to be a winner.

Tony Haeata
Sales and Product Manager

Streets Ahead Nupave Systems Ltd

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For some years now, we have enjoyed the benefits of your Stainless Steel Cleaner to remove weld burn marks when we are fabricating in Stainless Steel. If you are not aware, this is a real problem.

We are very happy with the results we get when we use your product. It is very easy to use and has little to no fumes compared to other products on the market which are nasty to use and very fumy.

In addition, the fact that we can dilute the product confirms that it is a true concentrate and provides us not only with a product that gets the results we want it doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

I appreciate your service to our company

I have used Cyndan's Masonry Sealer for 20 years and found it to be the best out of many other products I have tried.

I have sealed many factory floors, driveways and the like. It's stain resistance and durability is more than suitable for a busy factory with forklifts and other heavy vehicles.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

As part of the maintenance to the bridge and maintaining safe access within the structure we painted the steel checkerplate treads and landings of the main access stair tower in a non-slip epoxy paint and were looking for a suitable non-slip, lead-free paint available in a bright yellow as a replacement to the traditional hazard yellow paints which contain lead, to paint the edges of the treads,

Greg Gurd from Cyndan introduced me to Tuf Stuf as a suitable option.

Tuf Stuf was simple to prepare and apply - just stir and paint, with a few intermittent stirs to ensure the grit is thoroughly mixed to ensure maximum grip when dry. The great advantage of Tuf Stuf is the absence of harmful chemicals meant that only basic PPE is required and it could be applied without the need for a full negative pressure containment system of an air fed hood.

The Tuf Stuf painted on the edge of the stair treads has been subject to foot traffic for approximately six months and has held up quite well in both grip and appearance.

Our preferred supplier of our chemical products is CYNDAN.

CYNDAN is 100% Australian owned and a leader in their field of chemical manufacture, having supplied Australian industry their cleaning solutions for 35 years.

Blue Star Contract Cleaners endorse CYNDAN by using their environmentally and biodegradable products as much as possible in the 'New Age' where we must care and preserve our environment in all its' beauty.

CYNDAN has an extensive range of traditional cleaning products and a comprehensive environmental range. We currently use their Algae Died B, Cleans All & UBeaut and are very pleased with the results.

These products are extremely safe to handle and biodegradable for safe transport and disposal. They also have higher than average dilution rates making them excellent value for money.

CYNDAN have excellent technical expertise, product knowledge backed by practical experience which I expect from an environmentally responsible manufacturer.

I write in praise of the Cyndan Cyndazymes & Liquidzymes treatment for odours and bacteria which we are using in the waste tanks on our Houseboats and Party Pontoons.

After nearly 10 years of dealing with many other supposedly effective products for the odour problems associated with boat holding tanks, and still having issues with offensive odour, we tried the Cyndan products. What a difference it has made to reducing the odour in and around the toilet area on all of our boats.

Initially we dosed our Party Pontoon and Houseboat tanks after pumping out with the Cyndazymes mixed with fresh water, and let it stand until next hire. With the Party Pontoons we added the 200ml of the Liquidzymes to the 12 litre flush tank as well, this use. After pumping out the holding tank following each hire, we flush a little into the holding tank where it sits until the next use. Liquidzymes are added again to the holding tank every third top up.

With the houseboats which draw their flush water from the sea, initially we dosed the holding tank with Cyndazymes mixed with water and let it stand until after the next hire then pumped out as bucket of fresh water and pour it down the toilet into the holding tank after we have pumped out the waste and let it stand until the next use.

Every now and then we spray around the base of the toilet and walls of the cubicle with Liquidzymes to reduce odour as well. This seems to be very effective.