Our aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing innovative chemical solutions. The key is to formulate a favourable balance between the following four important elements. These become the cornerstones of Cyndan.


Outstanding results are a key factor in determining consistent customer satisfaction with our products. We are happy to offer our commercial clients the opportunity to evaluate our products and offer free consultancy service to assist in this process. Our extensive range offers solutions across multiple industries.

We also have a contract manufacturing service where our qualified chemists can formulate a product based on your individual needs.


At Cyndan, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

Our products and formulations are regularly updated to incorporate the latest and most environmentally friendly raw materials. We have a growing dedicated 'green' range of chemical products and also specialised coatings that help reduce maintenance thus assisting organisations to minimise their carbon footprint.


We recognise that our customer has ready access to water, therefore we offer only true concentrates, providing maximum economy. This also saves our customers on packaging and shipping costs.

When comparing the cost of our products, compare the concentration of the active ingredients. We guarantee our products to be more economical than any of our competitors. We also offer a free comparison service to evaluate your current chemical usage and offer a more economical solution using the same or superior products.


Safety is paramount to our Cyndan philosophy, both for our staff and for the users of our products. Our warehouse and manufacturing facilities are constantly updated to exceed safety regulation and standards. Our products are formulated to incorporate non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable, user friendly raw materials wherever possible.

Great attention has been paid to the labelling of our products to offer safe user directions. S.D.S.'s (Safety Data Sheets) for all products are readily available on this website for easy access to safe storage and user information.